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"The work was done by a large team of friendly, skilled, uniformed professionals. They got the job done with a modern fleet of trucks and equipment. This is a five star company in my opinion."
T.M.L., Alpharetta, GA

A-Plus Tree Service offers a full spectrum of tree care:

  • Pruning. Pruning will enable your trees and plants to remain strong and healthy and improve their overall appearance; many diseases are a result of overcrowding, which pruning corrects. Improper pruning often provides point of entry for disease and pest, resulting in damage or death of trees, which can also result in damage to your landscape, your home, other building(s), or automobile(s).

  • Shaping. Following pruning, shaping is performed to maximize the beauty and aesthetic appearance of your trees. Proper shaping involves raising the canopy, balancing the crown and minimizing damage to other trees or structures in the landscape.

  • Education. A-Plus Tree Service is glad to offer free consultation and presentations of arborcare to individuals or groups in our community. Our experienced arborist will provide a greater understanding of proper horticultural standards and practices to ensure the maximum value of your landscape from every perspective: aesthetic or financial.

  • Removal. When removal is necessary, the service staff of A-Plus Tree Service has the experience to know how to do so in the safest, least invasive manner. We will safely remove the tree, recycling the crown and secondary branches and limbs as mulch and preserve as much of the tree as possible for lumber. We will even divide and cut as firewood, as appropriate, so that you – the property owner – are left with a clean, safe, environmentally friendly solution to your dead or diseased tree.

  • Stump Grinding. A-Plus Tree Service recommends that all stumps are ground across the full breadth of their span, four to six inches below ground level.

  • Underbrush Removal. A-Plus Tree Service will remove all mulch resultant from tree care, unless specified otherwise by you. We even offer free mulch to anyone who requests it. All you have to do is ask!

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